How to get your videos seen on social media

Having YouTube channel is one thing but getting followers on your channel is another different thing. Let’s face it; it beats logic to have a YouTube channel with no views and followers. In this article, we’ll share with you valuable tips to get subscribers to your YouTube channel.

1. Post Useful content continually

The best way of getting followers to your YouTube channel is to post high quality, relevant content continuously. Though it may seem as if every meaningful video has already been created and shared on YouTube, you can tell the story differently and attract many people to your channel Think about the Notarize explainer video. The producer was dealing with a common but boring topic. But what did he do, he created humor and the video went viral.

2.  Create an engaging channel trailer

A trailer is an essential aspect of your YouTube channel. It explains an engaging and straightforward manner who you are, what your YouTube channel is all about and what kind of content they should expect from your channel in the future. An excellent channel trailer should be short, simple, interesting, and above all engaging.

3.  Choose the name of your video strategically

The name you give to your YouTube video plays will have a great impact on the success of your video. Avoid using complicated and complex names for your videos. Our advice is that you keep your name simple and also use the YouTube autocomplete to name your video. Even if your name is close to another video, don’t worry what is important is that your video is relevant.


4.  Try to come up with a great channel design

When a visitor views your channel, the first impression that he gets will determine whether he will go on to engage with your channel or move on to the next YouTube channel. Spruce up your design and let it fit into your business brand. Also, try to create an engaging header to attract viewers to your YouTube channel.

5.  Shoot your video in various locations

To make your YouTube video enjoyable, it is better that you shoot the video in different locations so that each transition is unique and, breaks the monotony. If because of budget or other constraints you can’t shoot in various locations, you should at least change the background of your video or use a green screen.

Most importantly, at the end of every video, ask the viewers to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel. And don’t forget to give them reasons as to why they should subscribe.


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