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What are the most common Porn Apps?

It’s hard to enter the world of pornography and not hear about virtual reality. Most people think that VR is the future of porno. As it stands now, the VR genre is surpassing many others as far as popularity and number of views go. Zillions of people are purchasing VR headsets to check out virtual reality porn. Much of it has to do with how immersive virtual reality smut is. 3D and 360-degrees images come to life in a way unlike anything seen before. Pornstars perform in front of your eyes with the 180-POV perspective. One almost feels like they can grab onto whatever particular body parts performers put in front of them. Since the images are in crisps 3D and HD, they look astonishingly realistic.
Besides these factors, you also have the fact that VR porn is interactive. All of these are reasons why apps which bring virtual reality porn to your fingertips are popping up all over. Many of them are a great way for users to enjoy looking at VR smut.

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Virtual Real Player

VR content can be viewed easily once you install this app. Virtual Real Player supports videos in stereoscopic 3D. Additionally, both 180 and 360-degrees videos can be seen. It will work on both iOS 6.0 or higher and iPod touch, iPad and iPhone devices. Best part about VRP is that it works with PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Daydream and Oculus Rift headsets.

VRPorn App

This site is already among the best when it comes to delivering raunchy and immersive VR smut. With their app, a person can easily enjoy looking at the hottest VR movies easily. No downloads are required since the app works via streaming. If you sign up, you can download the video clips for later viewing as well.

FreeVRPlayer –

Smartphones have a friend for watching and enjoying VR content. It is called FreeVRPlayer and it brings you closer to 3D and 360 content. Both Android and Apple users can download the app for their devices. Using the app will allow anyone to enjoy all the VR content they wish. The player lets users take advantage of 3D and binaural audio. Any industry standard file formats are supported by the player as well.

Badoink VR

Think of this app as the reason behind the popularity of virtual reality porn. They spent years pushing and delivering VR porn when no one else did. As a result, they are regarded as pioneers in the industry. Additionally, Badoink VR has some of the best virtual reality pornographic movies in the world. That list includes some of the most beautiful, raunchiest and hottest pornstars on the market.


No list of top VR porn apps is complete unless it includes this one. In part, that’s because of how great this app is for bringing people the best in VR porn. Sex Like Real app goes to the top VR porn sites in the world. They obtain the hottest, most popular and latest VR porn videos and bring them to you. The result is allowing users to enjoy the greatest in VR porno, without having to visit each site individually.